Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's just an old tree placed there on the right side of the road like instead of "Welcome to ... !". This small village I've been this weekend is placed somewhere in the mountains, 80km from Ploiesti. The road is hard and we had to drive on it for about 7km to destination. But the place is fantastic.

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Dumitru H. said...

Un mare fotograf contemporan roman zicea intr-un articol ca fotografia color este ca o orchestra in care fiecare culoare isi are contributia ei in simfonia imaginii, dar cea B&W este ca o executie solo. Acolo toata atentia cade asupra unui singur subiect. Aceasta imagine, parca e dintr-uun loc parasit si uitat de lume. Frumos surprins. Felicitari!

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